KV-1 (ZiS-5)

Update “Starfighters” changelog was introduced on 26 May This update is notable for the introduction of the Italian naval tree, release of the F Starfighter into numerous trees including as the first Italian supersonic aircraft , as well as being the first update to move away from the previous numbered naming system for major patches. It’s about time to join your favorite squadron or create your own. Earn squadron activity and research the squadron vehicles. There are already favorites in the current ‘squadron battles’ season, but cheer up XBOX players – this is a good opportunity to learn a new gaming mode and master your strategy and tactics. Special awards for squadron battle ratings will be available for you in the upcoming season beginning on July the 1st.

How is matchmaking done in war thunder

We’ve been up in arms for quite some time about aircraft RP gain, and one of the refreshing things about ground forces was that it progressed relatively quickly; as the game started to get stale and repetitive, we would get a new tank to keep us going. So why reduce the RP? If anything, it would have been better to raise RP gains for aircraft to match tanks, rather than lower the tanks to match the aircraft. Also, since you guys are looking into Battle Ratings, I think you should take a look at straight wing vs swept wing jets.

I would like to see the BR’s for both reduced across the board arcade, realistic, and simulator.

during the Closed Beta Test for Ground Forces before Update Careful usage of the KV-1 ZiS-5 is needed due to its matchmaking.

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Please please please don’t expand the tiers. The one thing that makes me shy away from this game and makes me reluctant to spend more money is over tiered opponents. I understand the difficulty of trying to accelerate queue times. But balance is king. Compromising good matchups in order to speed queue times will empty your queues, exacerbating the problem.

Now since we can manage to do almost the same thing or at least did notice yesterday matchmaking was a little ridiculous i was flying a.

Magari, in Normandia. Guerra Mondiale. Due fattori commerciali che farebbero pensare a una fruizione occasionale, casual, incostante e poco premiante un approccio simulativo, che invece viene garantito in alternativa a quello arcade. Si tratta infatti di un gioco simulativo ad ampio respiro che necessita comunque per essere goduto davvero di parecchio tempo da dedicargli. Meno esaustivo, efficiente ed elegante, invece, appare attualmente il menu principale dal quale selezionare mezzi, distribuire crediti e potenziare equipaggi, progettato evidentemente per una fruizione da PC.

Anche le stesse dinamiche di crescita, di sblocco e di potenziamento dei vari elementi di gioco non sono spiegate nei dettagli e nelle regole precise che le governano come, forse, meriterebbero. O almeno gratuitamente provare. Cosa che, ovviamente, assume un peso maggiore a bordo dei pesanti e lenti tank attaccati al terreno rispetto ai leggiadri aerei che si librano veloci nei cieli.

Per quanto riguarda il netcode niente di particolare da segnalare, a fronte di server sempre piuttosto affollati, soprattutto su PC. Ovvero, simulare in modo esteso, completo e totale i teatri di guerra aerei, terrestri e navali della Seconda Guerra Mondiale. In sintesi, ecco la guerra come la desiderate: su PC o PS4, simulativa o arcade, aerea o terrestre, impegnativa o rilassante, competitiva o cooperativa, gratuita o a pagamento.

War Thunder.

Update 1.43

Everything I know about tanks, I learned from Brendan. My understanding is that tanks are big and made of metal and that some people like them quite a lot. So huzzah!

team will receive an initial Points which he spends to get the first vehicle to participate in the battle;; Matchmaking is calculated according.

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War Thunder Rolls Out Ground Forces Open Beta

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They should be focusing on fixing the broken matchmaking system so that Tier 2 squadrons stop getting queued up with Tier 4 players who are.

The only thing that makes QQwaffles worst at the moment are some players. Sorry to say that though. They keep doing things just makes you wonder EX: I’m flying my B6,Tomcat wannabe, and as usual my 1st target are bombers. Also having airstart, i do some scouting when i can. Instantly, while i’m typing half the team on the bomber killing themselves and waste their precious altitude advantage. Ex2: Still as B6,because i’m all in to it, i just love it and i love being teamplayer.

No bombers, i do some scouting and make the other team get stressed a bit with my airstart. I try to push them down a bit, or force some headons while opponents climbing, to get a numerical advantage for my team. Then when they try attack me, i dive.

War Thunder

The process of assigning BR is broken and needs to be fixed, most posters are saying just that and they are right. With each adjustment we seem to get some reasonable changes and then some just plain silly or insane ones. The problem is you are now getting too many examples of planes that outperform another plane in every way but have a lower BR just a quick look at either the current BR.

More just plain insane BR adjustments will happen untill you have a totally unworkable system with a tier 1 plane having a higher BR than a tier 3 plane its nearly there now.

“[Conquest] Fulda” — The size of the battle zone has been fixed in the mission has been added that, when disabled, will limit matchmaking to PlayStation®4.

Great WT Another chance to do right by the Brits But as stated earlier you failed to make the Brit tree on par with all the other nations. As a paying customer I have only one option left I wont fall into the trap of a brit prem I have bug with GF. It lags so bad, that i can’t try to fight with them.

War Thunder – Patch 1.41