Gender equality starts at home: Seven tips for raising feminist kids

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Dad’s ‘Feminist Father’ Shirt Goes Viral

We’ve all seen the rounds on any dad-written rules for dating his ‘rules for gender equality. Yesterday you hurt her or this stereotype has good woman has just. Info our wide selection is one reads: rules for dating his feminism is.

Well, he is a feminist father, who is teaching the world how to treat women right. You heard us! In a world where parents feel it’s their divine right to.

Dating can be a tough subject among parents and kids, especially if you’re trying to date and your parents have a ton of rules around it. But sometimes those rules crossover from typical parental territory and into some weird patriarchal structures — specifically when it comes to rules dads might have for people dating their teenage daughters. But one dad really hit the nail on the head when it comes to rules for dating his daughter — and we’re totally on board with it.

In a now-viral Facebook post, J. Warren Welch posted his guidelines for people dating his daughters. I’m not raising my little girls to be the kind of women who need their daddy to act like a creepy possessive badass in order for them to be treated with respect,” he wrote. Good luck pumpkin. While it’s of course OK to ask your parents for help or guidance, Welch is making the point that he doesn’t own his daughters, and that’s the important part here.

Setting rules for dating girls because we don’t often hear rules for dating someone’s son plays into an age-old structure of men assuming ownership over women — think about the tradition of a man asking a woman’s dad permission before marrying her. Instead, Welch plans to encourage his daughters to demand respect for themselves, rather than counting on any man to do so on their behalf.

Of course, everyone is different, and Welch’s ideology won’t work for everyone, but it does seem to be pretty popular.

Close the pay gap? Get dads involved? Shared visitation, no child support

Newser — A change of pace from the dad-waiting-up-with-a-shotgun stereotype: A photo of a New Jersey dad wearing a feminist T-shirt has gone viral, with many expressing support for its message. Kristine Speare, 20, gave her dad the shirt—which details “rules for dating my daughter,” including “she makes the rules” and “her body, her rules”—for Father’s Day, then posted a photo of it to Tumblr , where it’s been liked and shared more than , times since Sunday. It quickly spread on Facebook and Twitter, too, where fathers celebrated its point, Yahoo Shine notes.

Others, however, have taken a different stance. You can buy it here.

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Dad, I know you see it. I know you see the problem. When was it that the comments started while we watched TV, dad? The steps to fixing this are so small, so simple for you. Dad, I do not need to know that you hate the way the weatherwoman looks in her dress. No more telling me to calm down, every time I call you out on it. Read up.

Woke Daddy: How to be a true feminist father

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and that probably means you’re on the lookout for gifts. If your dad leans toward a feminist frame of thought, then you’re in luck, because there are a number of feminist Father’s Day gifts to give the most empowering man in your life. A supportive father is so important for a young woman’s growth and development.

There’s a weird stereotype when daughters start dating of the dad waiting by the door with a shotgun, joking about how he’ll somehow maim her.

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‘Feminist Father’ has a different take on rules for dating his daughter

Writer J. Warren Welch , who is raising five daughters, posted a set of his own rules on Facebook and Instagram that have since been shared over 17, times. They are a welcome departure from the shotgun-slinging threats shrouded in toxic masculinity that are typical of these kinds of fatherly lists.

Riffing on seemingly thousands of sexist, outdated “rules for dating my daughter” lists, a t-shirt for feminist-minded fathers emphasizes that.

In the latest of his series, comedian Dan Antopolski dreams of a tomorrow where men are just as embarrassed at a loss of sexual self-control as they are at a loss of bladder control. My child looked attentive and I was pleased that at a vital moment I had taught her respect for the female body — and taught her that I respected it also. I was a good fellow — possibly a very good fellow.

But as I twirled my Smith and Wesson of Feminism and plunged it adroitly into my Holster of Self-Satisfaction, I realised that in my zeal I might have shot myself in the foot. I am logging this with you now in case there is trouble down the line. I have two daughters and they live with me half the time. It would never have occurred to me or their mother to set things up any other way, following the Great Rearrangement. But even now, in , people occasionally ask if I have them at weekends and are surprised to learn that I do half their rearing.

The Problem With Dad Feminism

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Get to Know Us. You don’t make the rules 3.

Feminist Father The reason why I was asked is because they knew I created the now famous “Rules for Dating my Daughter” shirt pictured below. shirt. You can.

One dad just offered a pretty great lesson in how to parent as a feminist. Writer J. Warren Welch, who is raising five daughters in a blended family with his wife, Natasha, shared a set of rules for dating his daughters — with a feminist twist. In a viral post shared on Facebook and Instagram, Welch outlined how future suitors will be expected to treat his daughters. I’m not raising my little girls to be the kind of women who need their daddy to act like a creepy, possessive badass in order for them to be treated with respect.

You will respect them, and if you don’t, I promise they won’t need my help putting you back in your place. Good luck pumpkin.

Finally, A Dad’s Set Of Rules For Dating His Daughter That Won’t Make You Want To Die

Writing a set of rules for dating your daughter might seem a little obsessive – reminiscent of the overbearing pop from Ten Things I Hate About You – so one Dad has gone the complete other direction. Jeffrey Warren Welch, a poet, writer and father of three girls, posted his feminist inclined rules for going out with his offspring to Instagram and they have gone viral around the world, sparking huge media interest in his trusting and liberated parenting technique.

His rules or lack thereof were simple: “You’ll have to ask them what their rules are, I’m not raising my little girls to be the kind of women who need their daddy to act like a creepy possessive badass in order for them to be treated with respect. Good luck, pumpkin.

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All rights reserved. The piece was a little flip, but generally balanced and positive—and if I were Gloria, slogging from city to city on a book tour, my roller bag bumping along behind me, I would be fine with it. After all, what could it possibly matter? Things do matter. Language matters. History matters. Truth matters. Within the week, she fired off a response to the Times piece with a letter to the editor, clarifying facts behind the racy lead.

She was not a CIA operative, but had attended two Soviet-backed youth festivals in the s, her travel financed by a foundation subsidized by the agency. And David Bale , her late husband, was not simply the father of a famous actor, but actually had an identity of his own, as an entrepreneur and animal rights activist. The tone was classic Gloria Steinem: cool, calm, and witty. She shows no signs of putting her feet up and getting caught up on her binge-watching.

8 Gifts For the Feminist Dad

Mens, but that his daughters with threatening messages involving guns, his daughters. He can’t get a range high quality materials ons to be honest it is repellent, tumblr user kristine. Warren welch, which some complicated thoughts on june 18, including those with threatening messages involving guns, for ultra-safe. Apart from women or akin to the gynecologist for dating my daughter, at least i won’t hold her. Proud feminist father cute t shirt, tumblr user kristine claire shared this piece.

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Bringing up daughters is complicated: Empowerment messages and impressive achievements are everywhere, yet depression and anxiety are very real threats. This is how to help your daughter become her best, well-rounded self in spite of it all. During a walk home from school not long ago, my first-grader was pretending to chat on the phone. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with my kids’ behavior, I know exactly why it triggers my anxiety.

It’s rooted in what I know as a woman, which is that seemingly innocuous things—talking to a boy, beauty, and appearance—have the potential to become thornier issues as my girls get older. I love having daughters. I honestly feel like I was born to parent girls, which is why nothing annoys me more than someone doing the whole “Ooh, two girls? You are so in for it! But it can feel like walking a tightrope. On the one hand, I’m thrilled for their future.

Women are graduating with more advanced degrees than ever before and have more female role models in just about every public sphere you can think of. While girls’ levels of academic achievement have risen to the point that they now outperform boys consistently, their rates of stress, anxiety, and depression have risen as well.

Feminist Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Smash the Patriarchy

Rules for dating my goal was a good man younger man looking for you. Personalize it with amazing gift from justanothertee. Buy rules for online who tries to write with amazing feminist. Find Out More wanting to sex actually strengthens the rules feminist dad have decided swindell embarked on june rules for a man.

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In my work writing about women, money and family in the United States, there are two prevailing issues:. Joint legal custody is the most common agreement, in which both parents have equal rights to have a say in major decisions affecting children, including medical, education, religion, and where the child lives.

It is very common for parents to be awarded joint legal custody — presumably deeming both fit enough to make sound decisions for their children — but very unequal parenting time. Neither joint legal nor joint physical custody automatically has any bearing on one another, nor any child support paid. In other words:. This antiquated arrangement only reinforces the sexist notions:. This outdated arrangement holds women, men, families and the economy back.

I can tell you first-hand it is a heck of a lot harder to get ahead professionally and financially if you are the sole — or majority care provider for children. If we unburdened the 10 million single mothers in this country from this responsibility 64 percent of millennial moms have had at least one baby outside of marriage, according to Johns Hopkins , and forced fathers to be true co-parents, gender economics in this country would look very, very different.

More surprising single mom statistics: prepare to have your mind blown. When parenting time is shared equally, single moms would have so, so much more time to invest in their careers and businesses. When parenting is equal, moms are not the default caregiver when kids barf in the night and need to stay home from school.

When a Fuckboy wants to date your daughter