Empoli: The Other mid century Italian glass

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This decanter caught my eye because its my favorite color,Purple

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Blenko sticker and mark on bottom dated Emerald crackled paper bag form​.

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Blenko Water Bottle Sky Blue. This is the third This document is a list of the colors made by Blenko. (Please note BLENKO COLORS BY DATE. Silver Foil.

Named for the county in New York where the company was located, Steuben Glass Works is widely recognized for producing a plethora of fine art glass in the early s. The firm took shape in when Thomas Hawkes, president of T. John A. Steuben produced many blanks decorated by Hawkes’ firm until when it became part of Corning Glass Company, as well as making decorative and colored glass in Art Nouveau styles.

Some of Steuben’s lines were completely innovative and others competed with iridescent wares made by Louis Comfort Tiffany and the Austrian glass company Loetz. Tiffany sued Steuben after seeing Aurene pieces believing his Favrile glass was being copied. When it came right down to it, the process of making the two was different, so the suit never made it to court. Historians haven’t really determined which of these companies inspired whom, according to art glass expert Arlie Sulka in an Antiques Roadshow online feature.

How to Identify Blenko Glass

Thursday, March 31, Crackle Glass Fruit. Today I’m going to share a beautiful collection with you that doesn’t even belong to me! It actually belongs to my son. Our family likes to wander through antique shops, flea markets, basically anywhere you can find old and interesting items. A number of years ago, my son “discovered” crackle glass and began picking up pieces here and there.

Blenko Glass Elephant Bookends – A Pair Blenko Glass, Rainbow Glass, Still has the square Blenko sticker as well as the item number tag. Clean Large Vintage Blenko vase sgned with the “Handmade” label dating the vase to Rainbow.

The family-run company launched in and has operated from its location in Milton, West Virginia since Blenko encountered challenges in generating consumer appreciation for his glass. Between starting his company and the turn of the 20th century, he would begin operations in Kokomo, Indiana and move to the same West Virginia community where the company still operates today.

In between, Blenko would end up returning to his native country of England after struggling to create a demand for his glass in the U. While he was in England, he continued to produce the glass creations for exportation. According to the Blenko website, the glassmakers use an age-old technique to create the sheets. The process involves craftsmen blowing cylinders of glass, with ends removed, scored, and then reheated.

The cylinders open into flat sheets of glass measuring 18 by 25 inches during the final heating. The color sheets, along with small rondels of glass, are utilized in decorative architectural design. The vase is part of the Variations Series. Vintage barware is always in style and Ruby Lane has all of the key ingredients for setting up a home bar. Collecting Business of Antiques.

manufacturers’ labels & marks (A to C)

Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation. I would appreciate it. I’m not selling and I continue to seek the five I don’t own.

The ladies owning this collection are now in their s I would think.

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By the mids, Blenko was one of the most prominent producers of artistic glassware in the country. Blenko glass stemware and tableware are all hand-blown, and are known for their vivid colors and clean, modern lines. The years from to are known as Blenko’s “Historic Period”–the golden era of Blenko design–and pieces from this period are the most valued. If you find a piece of glass that you believe may be Blenko, do a quick screening for typical Blenko details before you start scouring the old Blenko catalogs to identify your piece.

Check for Blenko’s signature mark or label. See the Signatures and Labels section of Blenkoarchive. Note that only about 10 percent of Blenko glass pieces are marked, so an absence of a mark does not necessarily indicate inauthenticity. Look for tooling marks, bubbles and striations in the glass: all signs that the glass has been hand-blown. Blenko glass is all hand-blown. Verify the absence of mold lines.

Leo Ward Hand Blown Glass Lamp Finial Bluebird Signed And Dated By Artist W/COA | eBay

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It has a Blenko sticker, but I can’t a resemblance to it anywhere. How can I find out design date, name [if he has one] & production number.

Also included are a few marks, emblems and logos seen on other types of glassware including tableware and industrial glass items such as railroad lantern lenses. Entries on some of the more commonly encountered brand and company names for instance, Bromo-Seltzer seen embossed on bottles are also included, as I frequently get questions about them.

This is a typical example, as seen on the bottom of an emerald green bottle bearing a date code of The majority of the marks listed here are found on older bottles, but commonly seen trademarks used by present-day glass manufacturing concerns in the United States are also included. This site primarily lists marks seen on bottles made in the United States, although I do have a number of marks listed from other countries as well. There are many, many glass manufacturing companies located around the world that have made untold billions of glass containers and other types of glassware, and my list shows only a small percentage of marks that might be encountered worldwide.

Also, please realize that there are a number of marks I list here that could potentially stand for an unrelated company from another country. Although the marks listed in his book were in use around the time the book was printed, it can still be very useful for finding worldwide marks, as some have not changed for decades.

Dating blenko stickers

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Original Blenko sticker is intact and on the bottom it is stamped Blenko This piece is also ARTIST SIGNED AND DATED. $

Not for commercial use including, but not limited to: Internet auctions or web sites. Blenko marks. This is the paper label used for a short time during WWII. Then they went back to the Foil label. Left over stickers were used until they were gone. Hand signed Blenko – Used in early All of these were personally done by William Blenko, Jr. All hand etches can only be found on designs. Sandblasted Blenko – Used from the Spring of to Summer of Don Shepherd signature found only on designer lines that were hand signed.

If anyone has this stamp on another piece feel free to email us a photo. Blenko New Sandblasted Signature – Starting in July Blenko has a new sandblasted signature which includes the date of manufacture. It is smaller than the older sandblasted. This label was designed by John Nickerson.

Blenko Catalogs

Most collectors and dealers are unaware of another almost equally famous center of Italian glass making known as Empoli. Empoli is a region on the west side of Italy, southwest of Florence in the province of Tuscany. Like its better known counterparts to the northeast, Empoli has been producing and exporting glass since the 14th century.

For centuries, green glass was a trademark color of Empoli.

Steuben is well known for producing high-quality art glass in the early s. Learn more about how to identify and date these pieces.

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