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Research Questions: What predicts attraction? Do people really know what characteristics they desire in a romantic partner? How do dating innovations like speed-dating and online dating influence the romantic initiation process? In what ways if any do similarity and familiarity breed liking versus contempt? Is there an organizing theoretical principle that explains interpersonal attraction? Eastwick, P.

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Office : Young Hall F Email: eastwick ucdavis. Curriculum Vitae. One of his research programs examines how the qualities that people say are critically important to them in a romantic partner—their ideal partner preferences —direct romantic partner selection and retention. Additionally, his work draws from anthropological data on the time course of human evolution to make novel psychological predictions.

Video: Speed-dating and the social relations model.

Arbitrary social norms influence sex differences in romantic selectivity. Datingdating. Finkel, P. Close distance makes the heart grow fonder:Improving implicit​.

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Modern Love: Scientific Insights from 21st Century Dating

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Current Directions in Psychological Science, 25, Durante, K. W. a live romantic context: Evidence from the speed-dating paradigm. Personal.

The modern world provides two new ways to find love — online matchmaking and speed dating. In the last few years, these methods have moved from a last resort for the loveless to a more accepted way for millions to try to meet their mates. While this has led to dates, relationships and marriages around the globe, it has also been a boon for enterprising researchers — providing huge datasets chronicling real world behavior.

For millions of years, humans have been selecting mates using the wealth of information gleaned in face-to-face interactions — not just appearance, but characteristics such as tone of voice, body language, and scent, as well as immediate feedback to their own communications. Does mate selection differ when those looking are presented with an almost overwhelming number of potential partners, but limited to a few photos, statistics, and an introductory paragraph about each one?

What information do online daters focus on? Is it all about the photo?

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New Stanford research on speed dating examines what makes couples ‘click’ in four minutes In one scorecard, knowing more information about a potential quora generally led to liking them less, possibly because it called out inconsistencies and reduced opportunities to fill in the blanks with positive inferences. But, with a particularly compatible psychology, more scorecard led to more liking.

For online daters, this means that the very detailed profile might attract fewer, but more worth suitors Norton et al.

Body sway predicts romantic interest in speed dating 1Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour, McMaster partner’s current movements over and above prediction by that a high GC value in one or both directions, as long as there is a in Psychological Science, 17(3), –7.

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People keep on yammering about how they want to be heard and understood — but once they come across someone like you, who knows how to listen, the tables turn.

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Beckage, N. Testing sequential patterns in human mate choice using speed dating. In: Taatgen, N. Proceedings of the Cognitive Science Conference.

Moreover, people who attended a speed-dating event in a study by McClure and Current Directions in Psychological Science, 22, –

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Ways for students to monitor their reading such as graphic organizers, study guides, note-taking charts, reading logs, timelines, checklists, cloze activities, journals. Clunks and Clues Organizer 4. Cloze activity: Cows Are Complicated. After listening to a passage read out loud, kids complete the worksheet by using their memories and context clues.

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Speed dating current directions in psychological science

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Request PDF | Speed-Dating | Scholars have recently begun to Article in Current Directions in Psychological Science 17(3) · June with.

Eastwick studies attraction and romantic relationships: Who we are interested in and what affects romantic outcomes. Eastwick and his colleagues have studied speed dating and online dating. In lab settings, they asked college students to describe their ideal partner. Then, later, the students came to the lab for an activity. And—lo and behold—their lab partner had all the traits they said they desired, down to a T. The partner was actually a confederate of the experimenters, instructed to act however the students had said they wanted them to.

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For example, in a study that assessed mate choice using a speed-dating paradigm, Li et al. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 11 (5) (), pp.

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Sensory Speed Dating Explores The Science Of Attraction [INSIGHTS]